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Contract Law

Contracts are the legal foundation of contemporary business, governing relations with your customers, suppliers and staff. With so much at stake, they must be right.

Our services

BAHR’s contract law group aims to make sure that our clients are offered the highest levels of expertise. BAHR handles everything from fundamental sales and procurement contracts, to the most comprehensive and complex production documentation, such as onshore construction and offshore fabrication contracts. Our lawyers are well-versed in the latest practice within all the industries we serve, and we offer cutting-edge expertise in major standard-form contracts. Indeed, a number of our lawyers have played key roles in drafting important standard form documents that are in widespread use.

BAHR assists our clients in drafting both individual, tailor-made contracts and modified versions of standard-form contracts, as well as in contract negotiations. We have extensive experience in assisting clients carrying out projects which face challenges. BAHR’s considerable dispute resolution practice very often involves complex contractual issues.