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Company culture

Many law firms consider themselves as “leaders”. But we can’t all be. Often, as in so many fields, what separates the genuine leaders from the rest can be spelled out in one little word: Culture.

Our approach “BAHRism” is about teamwork, integrity and the desire to perform well. It is founded on some basic principles: humanity, honesty, and tolerance; decency and respect, both internally and externally; dedication to client service. We are not driven by budgets, but by the desire to solve problems. Just empty slogans? No - these values have guided our firm for almost 50 years. Easy to say but, hard to practice. We do it.

Some stay with us for a long time, others choose to pursue new opportunities after a while, perhaps at a client’s organisation. Whatever their eventual choice, we believe that time at BAHR should be rewarding and valuable. We are proud that many of our former colleagues now occupy leading positions in business and administration, and delighted when some of them return to BAHR after developing their careers at other organisations.