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It takes time to establish relationships. Clients have said that BAHR’s approach to assignments, and its ability to adapt to their particular needs and working methods, are the qualities that would be hardest to replace.

Not for all, but perfect for some

First-class legal advice is a given, while our style of co-operation is calm and understated.

Businesses do not meet demanding new legal challenges every day. When they do, it is important that all parties know what needs to be done and which roles to play. In these high pressure situations, a dynamic long-term relationship can be the key to a successful outcome.

Today’s BAHR is the result of planned, steady growth over time that has allowed us to develop a strong internal culture. As with good client relations, a healthy corporate culture requires continuity and care – ours is based on respect, teamwork and equality between our partners. This means that those with the best knowledge and experience handle assignments, while, at the same time, clients always have one partner as their primary contact, responsible for following up and overseeing all their current work.

You only get really good at something by dedication and practice. We believe the best results are achieved through close interaction between dedicated individuals – both clients and ourselves, and internally within the BAHR team.


- Established 1966 in Oslo

- Dedicated commercial law practice

- Around 130 lawyers, including close to 40 partners

- Strong corporate culture and a “true partnership”

- Norwegian law; international approach

- Independent and autonomous with an extensive network of international contacts



At BAHR we understand that social responsibility is as much a matter for businesses as individuals. So, while we work towards “promoting justice and preventing injustice” in our role as attorneys, we also aim to contribute to society in ways that go beyond our daily activities.

For example, in collaboration with the University of Oslo we are helping to promote academic development by giving lectures, organising seminars for students and providing funding for a research assistant. In certain disputes we act on a pro bono basis, generally on behalf of non-profit organisations, but also for businesses and individuals. We seek out appropriate projects where we, and our contacts, can use our core expertise to help promote and develop socially responsible businesses or protect people’s rights.

BAHR is also one of the sponsors of the "Young Ambassadors" programme, which is designed to support and inspire talented and motivated high school students (see Our contribution includes holding seminars and lectures, as well as providing mentors and legal assistance if required. We also provide legal advice to the "Business for Peace Foundation", an Oslo-based organisation which works to promote ethical and responsible business activities globally (see In addition, we support our local community in other ways, such as through our exciting collaboration with the Astrup Fearnley Museum (