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At BAHR we understand that social responsibility is as much a matter for businesses as individuals.


While we work towards “promoting justice and preventing injustice” in our role as attorneys, we also aim to contribute to society in ways that go beyond our daily activities. BAHR’s CSR strategy includes academic, social and financial contributions. Our aim is to contribute in a beneficial way within certain areas in a manner that is meaningful and relevant to the firm, our employees and the various projects we get involved in, and is consistent with BAHR’s core values and profile. We wish not only to contribute to our community, but also extend beyond our immediate environment. Based on this, BAHR’s CSR program is built on the following pillars:




In certain disputes we act on a pro bono basis, generally on behalf of non-profit organisations, but also for businesses and individuals. We seek out appropriate projects where we, and our contacts, can use our core expertise to help promote and develop socially responsible businesses or protect people’s rights.

We provide legal advice to Partnership for Change («PfC»). PfC is a Norwegian based, internationally oriented non-profit organisation working for a more just, secure and sustainable global society. PfC supports local entrepreneurs and businesses who are actively working for social development. PfC undertakes an active role in its projects and contributes to partner networks, financing and with strategic and administrative expertise. Examples of their development projects are primary schools, vocational schools, and entrepreneurship courses for women including community centres providing training programs in IT, English, health, preservation of natural resources and cultural heritage. In Norway, PfC is behind various events within social innovation, philanthropy and impact investing, aiming to generate commitment and action. We also provide legal advice to the Business for Peace Foundation («BfP»). This foundation is well-known for its annual award during Oslo Freedom Forum which is presented to leading business people for its personal investment and lead-by-example attitude to promote ethical values and behaviour by being «business worthy» and not only «creditworthy». BfP is also working to promote research in the field of ethically responsible business and its possible correlation to peace and stability. In August 2015, Radiumhospitalets Venner presented their plans for a new additional clinic on the premises of Radiumhospitalet (Oslo Universitetsssykehus). The plan is developed by voluntary contributions from various parties, and BAHR contributed with pro bono work on the legal field in connection with the scope of development.  Furthermore, we seek to involve the firm and its employees in suitable projects in which we can contribute with our core expertise to promote a positive development of communities or protect rights that are put under pressure.


Within the field of education, BAHR is one of the sponsors of Young Ambassadors. Young Ambassadors is a programme designed to support and inspire talented and motivated high school students and provide them with a high-level insight into economics, culture and society. BAHR contributes, together with the US Embassy, First House, Google, McKinsey and Den norske Opera & Ballett, with lecturers, mentors (as part of a mentor programme), venues and pro-bono advice in regard to legal issues such as the establishment and operation of the foundation. BAHR is also the main sponsor for the maritime science forum Youngship. We are helping to promote academic development by giving lectures, organising seminars for students and providing funding for a research assistant. 


In the cultural field, BAHR is one of four main sponsors of the Astrup Fearnley Museet, a leading international museum for contemporary art. In addition to annually financial contributions BAHR’s employees, their families and business connections get access to artistic experiences and private events at the museum. We also borrow creations displayed on our premises. The collaboration strengthens the museum, BAHR and our good neighbourliness.  We also provide pro bono work to Aukruststiftelsen, a foundation managing Kjell Aukrust’s (A well-known Norwegian artist and creator of Flåklypa Grand Prix) art work and its artistic display and use of such.


In 2016 BAHR is the main sponsor for YoungShip, a non-profit organisation for young professionals in the maritime industry. BAHR contributes with networking events with particular focus on building competence, raising ethical questions and ESG. Furthermore, we are also the main sponsor of HumAk the law student’s humanitarian campaign. The campaign includes charity concerts, lectures and a fundraiser from which the entire amount is donated directly to the 2016 charity, SOS Barnebyer, and one of its projects to provide identification documents to children in Zimbabwe. Without this document the children have no access to medical aid, education or other form of participation in society. These children are not traceable and unfortunately exposed to human trafficking and other forms of cruel assults. SOS Barnebyer cooperates with local organisations offering free legal advice and who are authorised to issue ID documents.

BAHR is also concerned about the importance of contributing financially to charitable organisations and fundraising campaignes. Some of our contributions are on an annual basis and some are ad hoc.  Last year’s contributions include amongst others, Norwegian People’s Aid, Norwegian Green Building Council, UNICEF, Foreningen for hjertesyke barn and Kirkens Bymisjon.


We have created an open forum in which we invite speakers to present a diverse spectre of topics on important social matters. In 2016 we have had the opportunity to welcome the following speakers:

11 February 2016: Kimberley Motley, American lawyer 

Motley is the first and only international lawyer taking on human rights cases in Afghanistan. Despite of many severe threats and deteriorating working conditions, she continues her important work in this field. For her strong commitment she has achieved international acclaim and recognition.

4 March 2016: Kerry Kennedy, President Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

Like her late father, Kerry Kennedy is passionately dedicated to promoting global understanding of human rights and the need to stand up for their beliefs and values. She does this partly through the project «Speak Truth to Power», based on her book with the same name in which interviews with fifty intrepid human rights activists from around the world is portrayed. Through moving stories, including Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel and Rigoberta Menchu, the goal is to encourage others to use their voice against power abuse and injustice.