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BA HR represents the Aukrust Foundation in the Supreme Court

BA HR, represented by Are Stenvik, is representing the Aukrust Foundation – an ideal foundation disposing the copyrights to Kjell Aukrust’s intellectual property – in a dispute against the Caprino Filmcenter.

The case concerns whether the film producer has any rights to the intellectual property on which the movie is based upon, in specific, the right to Kjell Aukrust’s “supercar” Il Tempo Gigante. The main issue is whether the Caprino Filmcenter, who was given permission to use Kjell Aukrust’s Flåklypa-universe in the movie Flåklypa Grand Prix, can oppose to the Aukrust Foundation’s later use of Kjell Aukrust’s blueprints. The problem at hand is whether the Aukrust Foundation has the right to give Hunderfossen Familiepark permission to operate a rollercoaster based on Il Tempo Gigante.

This is the first time the Supreme Court is presented with the principal question regarding the scope of rights for processing of original works and how these rights should be limited to the original creator’s rights.